Watson’s Woods Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. When was Watson’s Woods Established?
A. Watson’s Woods was established in 1990 in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Q. When did Dave start carving?
A. Dave Watson started sculpting works of art in chocolate, butter, cheese and ice, in 1985.

Q. What type of wood does Dave use?
A. Dave prefers to use white pine. It is readily available in many sizes and easy to carve. Dave occasionally makes pieces out of red cedar.

Q. Is white pine a durable wood?
A. Yes, white pine will last as long as a piece of oak. Review our care sheet to preserve your carving.

Q. What do I need to do the preserve my chainsaw sculpture?
A. We have put together a care guide that you can follow to protect your piece. Wood Care Guide.

Q. How long does it take Dave to carve something?
A. It really depends. Dave can create pieces in as little as an hour. Some piece can take up to two days. It really depends on the size and type of wood.

Q. Why are there cracks in the wood?
A. Splitting and cracking result from the woods reaction to wet and dry moisture cycles. Exposed surface areas expand when wet by rainfall and contract when dried by the sun. This continual process sets up stresses that can cause cracks and grain separation (checking). Protecting lumber from the elements can help minimize cracking. That is why pieces are; unless otherwise specified, are treated with marine spar varnish. See our Wood Care Guide.

Q. Is everything done by a chainsaw?
A. Yes, all the carving is done with a chainsaw. The only thing that is not is the eyes. They are either drilled and marbles are used or a dermal is used. We also sand some pieces to smooth them.

Q. What makes the sculptures look shinny?
A. That shine is caused from the marine spar varnish we use to preserve the wood carving.

Q. How long have you had the storefront?
A. The store was built in 2001.

Q. What is in your store?
A. The store has everything from authentic Native American art and tools, copper, furniture, wood carvings, rod iron, antler chandeliers and lamps, jewelry, and other unique items.

Q. Does Dave carve custom pieces?
A. Yes, Dave carves special orders. He has carved everything from flying pig, unicorns, bears, eagles, and anything you can think up. Please call us for a quote at (608) 253-7440.

Q. What is the deal with the little cabin?
A. The little cabin at the corner of the road is used to attract attention, show what carvings look like in posts, and it gives Dave some shade during those hot days. The shop is located one more block up the road.