Caring For Your Wood Products

Dear Customer,

Thank you for taking an interest in our products. We trust you will enjoy your piece for years to come. To ensure lasting enjoyment we suggest the following:

If the carving is to be placed outdoors, a shaded area is best as intense heat and sun can be hard on both the wood and finish of your carving.

The carving should be refinished yearly simply by applying a good quality marine-spar varnish. We also suggest that your piece be placed on a base of some type. Treated cement, crushed rock or treated wood work well. This keeps moisture from harming the base. On Interior pieces, the maintenance is minimal.

If you have extremely dry air in your home, you may wish to apply varnish as needed. We also suggest placing your indoor piece on a wood base, so as not to stain your floor from moisture.

In most sculptures Dave carves, the wood has been dried for at least a year. This is to minimize cracking. However, several times I have heard Dave tell people he guarantees their piece to do some cracking. It’s the nature of the beast!

Thank you for your interest in our work of art that we are very proud of.

Dave & Annette Watson

Downloadable version: Care Sheet